Women of Cannabis: Jennifer Aniston loves all things CBD!

The girl next door, Rachel Green, our very own Jennifer Aniston has been a long time supporter of CBD. Aniston is someone who needs no introduction, because whatever your age, she has definitely been a part of your life. Her highly acclaimed and loved character in the hit TV show FRIENDS has made her a familiar and friendly face throughout the world. She has also starred in a number of memorable movies such as We’re The Millers, Just Go With It, Marley And Me and more. Her on screen persona is as charismatic as her off-screen personality is warm. "She radiates warmth and joy and humor and love." Says Courtney Cox as she describes her colleague and friend of over 10 years.

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When it comes to her internal world, and staying the true to her warm charismatic self, Jennifer Aniston gets by with a little help from CBD. ‘CBD helps with pain, stress and anxiety’, Jennifer Aniston told US Weekly, ‘it has all the benefits of Marijuana without the high’. Jennifer is also a lover of CBD-infused beauty products. And for good reason! Because CBD products help ease aches and pains, and keep your skin looking youthful due to its fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. Jennifer Aniston said “I love using CBD and I wish more people would know the benefits.” She is one of many strong women who have chosen to lean on CBD to help them lead their best life. When you lead a life as busy as hers, falling off track and increasing your dependence on pharmaceuticals with side effects can be easy. However, we are proud that she has chosen instead to hone her strength and calmness using Mother Nature’s elixir – CBD. CBD is something that can assist you to flourish in all facets of life. If you’re looking for something to give you the boost you need to step into a more embodied version of yourself, you know where to start!

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