Women of Cannabis: Alessandra swears by CBD!

One of the biggest supermodels of our generation, Alessandia Ambrosio has become a household name all over the world due to her rise in fame through the Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows. Although it may look glitzy and shiny from the outside, the life of a supermodel can be challenging. With constant rules and restrictions along with a strict schedule and regime, this fast-paced lifestyle can get to you. This is probably why Alessandra Ambrosio has embraced the healing properties of CBD, especially for anxiety and stress.  

“The most important thing to do [to prep for the Victoria’s Secret Show] is to sleep eight hours the night before but it’s hard because the mind gets anxious, so I try CBD oil and I think it helps.” She says when she explains her relationship with Cannabis. She has been very outspoken about her support for CBD and even swears by CBD water for that extra dose of this calming elixir.

Supermodels also undergo a very rigid and taxing workout regime that can leave their muscles and body extremely sore. Especially as the runway day approaches, these models’ fitness is put to the test. During such circumstances, CBD infused balms and topical CBD can work wonders in soothing inflammation and preparing your muscles for another day of wear and tear. “Before the show, because I’m really focused on being in my best shape, I do more Tracy—I go six to seven times per week,” she said. “The secret of Tracy Anderson is that you have to go at least once a week, otherwise your body gets weak and it just gets harder.”

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