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CBD and Depression

History of Depression and Anxiety

Depression or melancholia has been described earliest in Greece at 300 BCE. It has both genetic and evolutionary causes to manifest

It has been theorized the growing complexity of the brain causes a vulnerability to depression

People suffering from depressive disorders find many difficulties in daily life from impairment to lack of motivation as well as painful sensation which trigger depressive thought patterns

Over the millennia several attempts have been made to treat depression

While in the ancient times Gautama Buddha experimented with meditation as a means to relieve a person from dukkha (sadness or suffering), since the advent of modern medicine, it is common for prescription drugs such as xanax being prescribed to treat depression

While there are several pharma and lifestyle options that do help with depression, opiod based medicine carries several risks and has many side effects which have recently caused alarm in societies around the world

Lifestyle improvement programs such as consistent participation in heavy exercise and healthy diet choices ad well as active social participation definitely help a great deal but it takes a lot of motivation and dedication for a few months before results become visible and trigger a positive thought pattern, this dedication and motivation is often unrealistic to expect out of individuals severely affected by anxiety and depression and hence impaired to a certain degree and already in a negative thought pattern

Which is why we will be looking at CBD (Cannabidol) as a supplememtary medicine to initiate and develop a healthy lifestyle to achieve long term positive results

CBD does not carry opiod dependency problems which cause 63000 deaths in the US and addiction problems caused by opiod based prescription medicine

In this article we will explore the studies conducted, the observational evidence, the science and potential courses of treatment with regards to CBD

CBD : A Medicinal Overview

Historically Cannabis has been used as a painkiller in the Greek, Chinese, Indian, Sycthian and Islamic Culture

Because of the THC content in Cannabis and its sedative effect, it has also been used as an anasthetic agent

It was only in the 20th century that CBD could be isolated from cannabis

This bought a new possibility of being able to administer the pain killing and calming properties of cannabis without the 'high' the psychotropic and sedative effect of THC.

THC is also helpful is treating many conditions which has resulted in legalization of medical marijuana in so many countries however in some cases it has been shown to at times worsen anxiety, cause paranoia and impairment as well as memory loss. 

The FDA approved a cannaboidol based medicine for treatment of epilepsy

Cannabis generally has a low percentage of CBD however CBD tinctures have a very highly concentrated and potent dosage of CBD

Currently millions of people around the world has CBD for its ability to provide relief

The Research:

Several clinical trials have been conducted since 2014, links for the medical reviews are at the bottom of this article

To sum up the conclusions in short,

Participants were told they were given CBD but only half of the participants were actually given CBD, the other half were given placebos

80% of the participants in CBD trials responded positively in comparison to 30% in the placebo trials

Studies show CBD stimulates CB receptors of the endacannaboidal system and triggers a release of dopamine and serotonin

In comparative studies of CBD and THC, in some cases participants administered THC experienced a worsening in depression symptoms and overall improvement of symptoms of 40% less than patients administered CBD

Tests were also done on participants suffering from public speaking anxiety and generally positive results were observed

CBD is currently being researched as a potential medication for a variety of mental health problems and largely the evidence concludes CBD helps

Several studies on animals showed CBD played a major role in fear memory consolidation. Subjects were able to overcome lab-controlled condition activated trauma memories

This factor may play a huge part in helping people suffering from grief and heartbreak as well as help people overcome social and professional anxiety which would go on to have a positive impact in resolving depression


While there are many theories supporting CBD for its use in mental health ailments, it should be noted that several positive lifestyle habits have to be introduced to a patient alongside CBD treatments to create long term positive effects and encourage mechanisms of dopamine and serotonin release not dependent on any medication

And at the same time it can be fairly concluded in cases of severe trauma, grief and other incapacitating conditions CBD has the potential to offer relief and reduction in trauma in an extremely short frame of time

Possible Treatment for Depression using CBD

We recommend 1mg/kilo dosage

We also recommended undergoing a multidimensional program for long term improvement, this would include:

Adopting a non inflammatory and nutritious diet, its important patient gets all required vitamins, fibers, proteins, carbs and fat. Very often deficiencies in nutrition directly correlate with mental health problems

Exercise: CBD's effect as a painkiller allows individuals to exercise longer as a result of decreased sensitivity to discomfort and pain. This effect should be used as an opportunity to engage in heavy exercise and hence release dopamine and serotonin. Improved body image in the long term also helps in combating anxiety 

Aroma: Certain aromas such as lemongrass, bergamont are speculated to have positive effects on mental health. The science behind this is that humans at a subconscious level are highly sensitive to smell and smell has been proven to play a huge part in many processes such as partner selection, aggression, etc as it directly interacts with the neural pathways

Sound: Experiments conducted on animals conclude that pleasant music increases activity and overall traits associated with happiness. It is recommended to listen to positive motivational and encouraging music as much as you can throughout the day on low volumes with an underlying intention of changing thought narrative to a positive one

Visual positive stimuli: being surrounded by positive colors, positive quotes and images definitely plays a role in reinforcing positive thought patterns

We believe the combination of all these can definitely help an individuals fight against depression and anxiety.

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