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CBD and Womens Empowerment

CBD, a stepping stone in Women empowerment: Our collab with Impact Scientist

We had the wonderful opportunity of collaborating with Impact Scientist – a rural innovation platform for economic empowerment of women at a village level. We spoke to Sahithi about Cannabis and its inter-relation with the various facets of life – medical ailments, clothing, mental wellbeing, pet temperament, paper... The list is endless. But the one we are very proud of and want to highlight in this article is the positive impact on women empowerment. 

Earlier this year, we hit a long-time goal of collaborating with Sisters of the Valley – a women-owned business that sells cannabidiol tinctures, is based in California and whose proprietors are women who follow a monastic motif! They are well known for their healing intentions and spiritually infused marijuana and collaborating with them aligned us even further with our core purpose. To honour this partnership, we donate a portion of the profits from Sisters of the Valley to women empowerment initiatives like (mention names here). 

We also contribute to the empowerment of women in rural areas, currently Uttarakhand, by sourcing hemp paper from the production units out there that employ tribal women. Over the past couple of years, Uttarakhand has seen mass migration because living there and farming is not lucrative. Which is why, the growth in hemp farming has huge potential for the residents of this state. We work with Hemp Foundation India to employ hundreds of women in hemp farming (which is less labour intensive), carding, sewing, handlooms, etc. It’s a win-win for both parties because we can source quality hemp paper and it keeps their economy going. 

At CBD Store India, we also provide CBD specifically for women. CBD provides a wide range of benefits for women and the specific hurdles they may face. We provide CBD for menstrual cramps, menopause, inflammatory diseases and diabetes. We stock a wide variety of CBD products according to the health benefits for women. CBD offers various health advantages without the psychoactive effects of THC, in comparison to conventional cannabis use. SO, women can turn to CBD and enjoy the myriad benefits. A natural, gentle yet effective way to heal – women who try it, love it instantly!

And lastly, the women on our team are treated like goddesses and no less!! Needless to say, they are ensured equal pay, participation, benefits and respect. They bring life & intelligence to our close-knit team and we’re so grateful for them!

Through our platform, we want to do whatever we can to create a society where women feel safe, empowered, heard and loved! Although it is a long road, we are slowly but surely progressing and we don’t intend to stop until we’ve arrived.

We thank Impact Scientist for giving us the opportunity to collab

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