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CBD Hemp Oil : Get Your Athletes Recover Faster

The biggest imped factor in meeting your goals, whether you’re like most athletes or not, is recovery time. Overall, you can use your willpower to eat healthy food and train more vigorously, but you can’t make your body regenerate quicker. Here’s where CBD Store’s Hemp Oil comes in.

How is Hemp oil essential for the sake of athletic performance?

We get exactly what you’re saying. Isn’t hemp oil made from cannabis, the same plant that produces Marijuana? Isn’t that the last thing an athlete who is struggling to stay on top of his game wants? Well, frankly speaking, no, let’s take a look as to why it is different from Marijuana.

Marijuana vs. Hemp

So, first and foremost, let’s clear up a misunderstanding:

 and Marijuana are not the same things! Despite the fact that they belong to the same family (cannabis), their chemical composition is vastly different. THC, the psychoactive component of Marijuana, is nearly non-existent in Hemp. In fact, CBD hemp oil with less than 0.3 percent THC is not called Marijuana. Most Hemp, on the other hand, is rich in CBD, a compound that encourages a safe inflammatory response to daily demands and can help with muscle aches and pains caused by exercise. As a result, CBD hemp oil could be one of the most powerful supplements for athletes.

What Is CBD Hemp Oil and How Does It Work?

An endocannabinoid mechanism (or ECS for short) is built into the body by default. The ECS is in control of a lot of aspects of your body, like how you feel after a strenuous workout. How does it control? The reason that helps ECS to achieve this is Cannabinoids. These compounds bind to your cells’ cannabinoid receptors in the same way as a lock does to a door. When a cannabinoid attaches to a receptor, it will instruct the cell what to do, such as assisting in the regeneration of the body during a workout!

Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids formed by your body. Can you guess what else has cannabinoids in it? Cannabis! These phytocannabinoids (plant-based cannabinoids) have a similar effect on the cells’ receptors. As a result, cannabis extracts can help to reduce the pain associated with natural daily inflammation, such as that induced by exercises.

Impact of CBD Hemp Oil on people

Medical cannabis has been shown in two human trials to substantially alleviate physical pain associated with daily life. CBD hemp oil is a cannabis extract containing more than 20% CBD, Hemp’s most potent and medicinal constituent. It could be exactly what players need to get back into the game faster.

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