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Hemp Food: Nutrition of the Future

Hemp the newest rockstar in the superfood universe.

The latest superhero in the war against diabetes. 

          In the new pandemic struck world, we are moving more and more form antibiotics to natural immunity booster. Super foods seem to be the easiest way to get our tummies full and immunity sorted and as the world looks for a better and an easily available super food ironically Hemp seems to be the newest kid in the block and he sure as waves going way beyond its humble hippie origins. Hemp once the sweetheart of the drug fuel 60’s generation and a wok choice of clothing material for creatives and intellectuals in every generation since then is now making rounds in the medical circles.

           As hemp entered the medical laboratories all around the world the research seems to be knowing no bounds as every day the sun seems to be rising to new ground breaking benefits to hemp in weight loss and heart diseases. It is a well know fact by now that hemp seed is an amazing source for healthy fats like omega – 6 , omega – 3 but the latest research show that three tablespoons of hemp seed which is an ideal consumption quantity has 10 grams of omega -3 and 6 which is ten times more than that in 1 gram of fish liver oil. Even in the super food league with higher protein than flax or china seed,  hemp seems to be the superman. As there are many myths around it, the seed is given a bad reputation due to its association  with the infamous marijuana plant, thus people have always been cautious about its use even though there is a lot of research showing that the composition of the two are different in ample ways. Now as the world  moves towards  newer cuisines and taste trends  hemp which can be consumed boiled, roasted or as it is seems to be a perfect addition and with only 0.3% of THC seems to provide more benefits to the body than any other type of seed around.

            Specially here in India, where we are surrounded with an assortment of spices leading to a wide verity of lip smacking dishes ticking all the boxes between sweet to savory it sure gets really difficult to stick to a strict diet and a healthy lifestyle thus the tread towards Super food. Luckily we have a long cultural belief in the ayurvedic and natural healing properties of the hemp plant, while the seed mite just be the newest addition to our daily diet and rightfully so. As of now hemp has already made inroads in our diet out diet with things like hemp chikkis and laddus already popular among the youth, it is also entering into the fat filled world of gravys and parathas in many health conscious household around the country.  

           Hemp today is being consumed in both seed or oil by people in all walks of life for quite a wide variety of diseases is now also showing results in reducing the blood glucose level for people with type 2 diabetes or even at the risk of diabetes. But its hemp oil or commonly known as CBD oil seem to be making all the buzz . In a  study to see the effects of CBD on mice with less blood flow to the brain which is also a complication of diabetes in some people. They found that CBD could cut down levels of blood sugar, lower cholesterol and also increase insulin production in them. While other studies show that CBD also eases swelling and pain form nerve damage and also promotes “Good fat ”on rats, there is no study showing direct results on the effects of CBD on diabetic patients . Diabetic neuropathy  is a  common condition among people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Neuropathy in diabetic patients affects the patients nerves in the thighs, hips, legs and buttocks mostly on one side of the body and its symptoms include atrophy of the leg and thigh muscles, abdominal swelling and unexpected weight loss. These patients have claimed to have  experienced relief in the pain and also have found it anti inflammatory in some cases due to the properties found in CBD Oil.

         As the world changes its view on hemp and as the super food gets more and more detached form its hippie identity there   are studies coming out which slowly yet steadily  is changing the status of hemp form being a super food to an all natural and vegan SUPER MEDICINE.


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