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Herbal Tea: A Healthy Replacement for Regular tea, Coffee and Other Drinks

“More than a beverage; Herbal tea can be considered as a lifestyle drink. It calms the mind and soothes the spirit. If you want to live healthy, start your day by drinking Herbal tea.”

Herbal tea is a beverage made from the infusion of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water. It can be made from a variety of substances such as flowers, fruits, leaves, roots and resins. It is consumed hot or cold in beverages such as iced tea and lemonade.

The leaves, flowers, and herbs may be dried or fresh and the type used for herbal tea typically depends on availability. They are unique from other types of tea because they do not contain caffeine, sugar or milk. Popular types of Herbal teas include:

Green tea – It is made from steamed or pan-fired green leaves to brew an infusion of the leaves. It is very well known for its health benefits due to antioxidant properties.

Black tea - steamed hot water with little herbs to no added ingredients.

What Makes Herbal Tea Different?

The main ingredients for Herbal tea are water and dried herbs which may come either loose or in tea bags. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which not only makes your body healthy but also helps in relaxing your mind.

Also, carry a lot of health benefits such as Soothing nerves, eliminating toxins, digestion, aids weight loss refreshes the brain and enhances cognitive behavior etc.

Health Benefits: Giving Your Mind & Body What They Want

This section will cover the basics of herbal tea and its benefits. We will explore some of the most common types of herbal tea, as well as their properties and how they are best prepared. Here are few herbal teas that are available on our website with their benefits.

  1. Panacea herbal tea: It is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It makes your body healthy and helps in recovery refreshing and relaxing your mind.

Therapeutic qualities- Sooths nerves, eliminates toxins, aids digestion, aids weight loss, and it helps from PMS’s to UTI’s in females.

  1. Chamomile flower herbal tea: Chamomile as an herb is a great source of flavones antioxidants.

Therapeutic qualities- it induces sleep, improve digestion, manages diabetes, ease menstrual cramps, moisturizes skin, soothe sore throat and relieves stress and anxiety.

  1. Lavender flowers caffeine free herbal tea: It is commonly been used for its relaxing effects on the body.

Therapeutic qualities- induce calmness, fights against bacterial, fungal and other infections. Eliminates toxins caused by smoking, drinking and pollution.

  1. Turmeric black tea: warm, bitter, that smells like mustard works as an antidote for stress.
  2. Rose and hibiscus oolong tea: it contains trace amounts of vital minerals and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, copper, potassium and many others.

Therapeutic qualities- both are full of antioxidants that support the immune and circulatory systems and reduce stress hormones. Regulates blood sugar and eases anxiety.

  1. Blue pea butterfly herbal tea: These herbs packed with full of health promoting antioxidants, vitamins such as A, C and E, flavonoids and peptides and has shown considerable promised nourishment on skin and hair.

Therapeutic qualities- reduce inflammation, pain and great for heart health. Also, refreshes the brain and enhances cognitive behavior. 


Take away­-

From stress relief to sleep aids, above listed herbal teas can be a great addition to your daily routine to help with many of life changes.  So, use this platform to find an herbal tea that suit your needs, and try it today.

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