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How sleeplessness affects your daily life and what you can do to help

We’ve all been there once in a while – groggy eyes, foggy mind and no will to tick anything off the to-do list. It’s possible to get the systems going with a little coffee and protein but it just doesn’t feel as fulfilling as it does when you’ve got a good night’s rest and can concentrate on being present in each moment. It’s not just about the length of your sleep but also about the quality of rest. In this article, we cover the ways in which lack of sleep can be detrimental and how we can get back on track!

Loss of sleep and our health – how they are so closely correlated

Even though a person is valued far beyond their productivity, when it comes to being your most efficient self, lack of good sleep can be a leading factor in disrupting this. Lack of sleep has been linked to reduced income, increased health costs, etc. We know how it feels when we appear to an examination or a job interview with not enough sleep. We simply aren’t at our best! 

Apart from productivity, poor sleep affects your overall health, well-being and long-term health. These long-term health concerns include high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease – all of which are known to shorten your lifespan. When we are asleep, our bodies produce hormones that regulate bodily functions such as weight and appetite. Insufficient or lack of sleep causes an imbalance in those hormones. And this in turn leads to the inability of your body to process food efficiently. And besides, when you feel foggy and low on energy, you have a harder time focusing on your diet. Similar to hormones that regulate our weight, there are hormones that regulate mood too that arrive at an imbalance when we don’t receive proper sleep. 

How can one get their sleep back on track?

There are multiple tried and tested methods to ensure your sleep cycle gets back to normal. These include the following:

Follow a nightly routine. Shut your devices off well in advance, at least an hour prior to your designated sleep time. White light can disrupt the production of melatonin and result in lack of proper sleep. 

Avoid caffeine, or any other stimulants such as nicotine. Any traces of these means your body is too busy processing these stimulants to be able to unwind. 

Use ambient lights or dimmer lights when it’s getting closer to your sleep time. 

And lastly, the most efficient way is to try CBD. Early research shows how promising CBD can be to calm your racing mind and improve quality of sleep – not just duration and ability to drift off. We have a wide range of CBD products and Hemp Oil that can assist your sleeping habits. And since it is all natural, you need not worry about addiction or side effects. If your problem is chronic, make sure you consult our doctors who will assist you with the accurate product you need to buy. 

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