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How to Make Best Use of Medical Marijuana India Online

Considering the recent arrest and subsequent bail of Rhea Chakraborty in the high profile Sushant Singh Rajput case, a lot of attention is being given to the consumption of drugs like ganja. Various derivatives of the cannabis plant have different names, which include hashish, charas, pot, weed, marijuana, and more. However, not too many people are aware that it is also possible to purchase medical marijuana India online.

What is medical marijuana?

This is term used to denote the use of marijuana for treatment of various kinds of diseases and conditions.  Although medical marijuana India online is essentially the same product as recreational marijuana, its purpose is different here. 100 or more chemicals known as cannabinoids are present in the marijuana plant, with each one having a different effect on the body.

Indian history and marijuana

Marijuana was freely consumed till 1985 and made illegal after that. However, the socio-religious association of marijuana with India goes back thousands of years. Cannabis was mentioned for the first time in the Vedas, which are the sacred Hindu texts, as far back as 2000-1400 BC. The Vedas regarded cannabis as one of the five sacred plants, and mentioned that a guardian angel stayed in its leaves. It was regarded as a source of joy and liberation to lose fear and attain delight. It was already known as an anxiety reliever, which is one of its major functions even today.

Lord Shiva has been associated with cannabis since a long time, with his favorite version of it being called ‘bhaang’ in India. As per the legends, Shiva is believed to have wandered off in the fields after a heated discussion with his family. Feeling drained from the hot sun and the conflict, he fell asleep underneath a plant with large leaves. After getting up, his curiosity made him taste the leaves of the plant. The ingredients from the leaves rejuvenated him instantly, after which the plant became Shiva’s favorite plant.    

Medical benefits of marijuana

Marijuana has a calming effect on those who consume it. It is also a pain and an anxiety reliever. One of the common chemicals from the marijuana plant, CBD, is used to prepare CBD oil which can perform the above mentioned functions. Despite being obtained from the marijuana plant, this oil is not harmful. Relief from epilepsy can be obtained through CBD.

It has been realized that India is sitting on a goldmine of CBD, with tremendous potential for different types of cures. It is also responsible for reducing problems from PTSDs (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders). Unfortunately, enough research has not been done on the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) present in cannabis. This also becomes difficult when marijuana is still regarded as illegal in many parts of the country, despite the Government’s go-ahead for medical purposes.    

Purchase marijuana on reputed websites

Fortunately for many, medical marijuana is legally available on a few reputed websites in India. Purchases can be made online, and it is completely safe. Of course, it is important to never consume parts of the plant without a doctor’s prescription.

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