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Is CBD Oil Legal in India? How to Buy the Best CBD Oil Legally?

Why CBD Oil is not easily accepted when it has many therapeutical benefits? Is CBD more dangerous than alcohol, cigarettes, and medications?


In India, cannabis has been illegal for decades. This is primarily because of the country's history with opium, which was used to support trade with China. The illegality makes it difficult for Indian farmers to grow hemp and extract CBD oil from the plants for medical purposes.


On October 1st, 2018, CBD was legalized in India. This follows a decision made by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of marijuana that does not produce any high and has been shown to be very effective in treating a number of medical conditions. 

The legalization of CBD in India has led to a great increase in the demand for CBD products. At present, there are no clear regulations on the drug and there is no certification process. Hence, it is difficult to be able to say that any item sold as CBD is actually of high quality.


How to buy the best CBD oil legally?

In recent days cannabidiol (CBD) is growing in popularity due to increased research and interest in its potential health benefits for human beings as well as animals. 

Here is a list of things you should do before making an online purchase of CBD oil:

Understand Legality:

Although it is legal to buy and consume CBD products that contain low amounts of THC, there is still some uncertainty about regulations related to CBD products in India. For this reason, you should pay attention to the percentage of each compound in a product before buying.


Research not only about CBD but also manufacturers and sellers because Many CBD products don’t even contain CBD due to the growth of CBD and the cannabis industry in India is picking up pace.

Visit Platforms:

As CBD oil is available only in online mode with a doctor’s prescription when it is intended to use internally, stalk the seller platforms as much as you can and their website should be able to tell you everything you need to know such as CBD Store India does.


Online platforms have no means of face-to-face interactions, but The Best CBD Oil Store in India, CBD Store brings you the opportunity to connect with doctors before purchasing, who guide you in choosing the best CBD product according to your health condition and needs.



Anyone selling CBD should be able to answer your questions. It is important to communicate with the team and understand the products you’re interested in. This could be through different digital media such as their web page, social media platforms, or emails.



Importantly Cannabis leaf (Vijaya) extracts are Schedule E-1 drugs regulated by the AYUSH Ministry and the Excise Department of India. CBD Oil can be purchased by presenting a valid prescription from an Ayurvedic doctor.


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