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      Women Of Cannabis — hempseed

      Women of Cannabis: Cyo Nystrom gets intimate with CBD

      Cannabis and CBD by themselves are still not as widely expected as we’d like it to be. But combine that with women’s intimate care and you get a new level of hush-hush. We’re here for those who are breaking stigmas that overshadow a number of topics and Cyo Nystrom is one such strong entrepreneur who does that seamlessly.

      She is the fierce co-founder of Quim – a brand that believes vaginal health is a precursor to the pursuit of pleasure. They consist of plant-based products that keep your quim happy and healthy. Historically, products created for vaginal health and sexual wellness have not been designed to take sustainable, proactive, self-care into account. This is where Quim was born. Cyo has blazed an unconventional trail and created a sex-positive female health line of cannabis products. Nystrom’s career has told a new story in cannabis, one that orbits health, wellness, and vagina talk. Yes, she has an endless well of creative phrases to describe to women what they’re going through (like “puffy taco” comes to mind). Nystrom candidly and honestly discusses how sex affects women’s bodies, and where cannabis is able to step in to help heal and comfort the most precious parts of our bodies. Don’t skimp on love for you or your partners' nether-regions. Quim describes itself as a “self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas.” All their products use CBD and its beneficial pain & inflammation relieving properties.

      On advice for young female entrepreneurs, she said the following “Know yourself— your strengths, your weakness, what you love doing and what you hate doing— and then find people to work with who are fundamentally different. My business partner, Rachel Washtien, is my polar opposite with regard to problem-solving and skillset and I firmly believe that the constant push and pull between us is exactly what will help us stay in business in the future.”

      Yet another inspiring story! If you love opening up the conversation and in turn, taking care of every part of you, try our CBD products for women. And use code WMN10 for flat 10% off.

      Women of Cannabis: Kourtney jumps aboard the CBD train with new product!

      You may have read about Kim Kardashian and her famous CBD-themed zen baby shower. When you think celebs and CBD, Kim Kardashian is one of the first names to come to mind. However, did you know that her sister Kourtney has also been keeping up with Kim and the magnificent benefits of CBD? Kourtney Kardashian is the founder of the brand Poosh which offers many beauty solutions and products.

      Kourtney has recently launched a CBD serum that uses the active ingredients in Cannabis for her skincare regime. She has collaborated with Hora and created a Hyaluronic and CBD serum that comes along with a derma roller. She claims this will transform your skin and she isn’t wrong. Because CBD presents many amazing benefits for your skin which include:

      • Anti-inflammatory benefits
      • Calms acne
      • Reduces dryness and itching
      • Is rich in antioxidants
      • Reduces oxidative stress
      • Helps you acquire a glow

      Surely Kourney and her team are well-versed with these benefits, which is why they’ve chosen to incorporate this amazing ingredient into the product. ‘Using the Derma Roller only enhances the effects of the serum, so the combination is magical. Ahhhhh I love this serum so much…I CAN NOT wait for you guys to try it and hear what you think!’ said Kourtney. By counteracting free-radical damage the serum strives to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration of the skin that comes with age and poor exposure. CBD has also worked wonders on acne-prone skin primarily because of its anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD sure has antioxidant properties and also is beneficial for sensitive skin. It has substantial skin relaxing benefits in it and is slowly becoming the norm of the cosmetic and healthcare industry.

      If you’re a woman who is curious to know more about the benefits of CBD, check out the products on our store and get started at 10% off this month with the code WMN10.