Dr. Hemant Kumar Bid (Ph.D., Cannabis Specialist)

Hemant strongly believes in the healing and medical applications of the plant because it's impossible  to find any drug which has preventing and Therapeutic potential at the same time. With his expertise in Cannabis, you are well taken care of.

Dr. Hemant Kumar Bid, Ph.D. completed his doctorate degree in Medical Biochemistry and graduated from Ohio State University (OSU) with MS (Pharmacology) degree. He has 20 years of Clinical and translational research experience in the field of drug discovery and health care management.

Currently, he serves as a Director of Research for one of the Cannabis Testing laboratories in Columbus Ohio, investigating cannabinoid profiling, microbiological screening, pesticide screening, terpene analysis, infused-product formulation charts, and more. CP Labs offers tests and services aimed to guarantee the quality and potency of all cannabis products while ensuring regulatory guidelines in the state of Ohio. 

Professionally, Hemant has spent the past ten years within higher education and served as a faculty member, administrator as well as a regulatory consultant. Throughout his whole career, he had published more than 80 research publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is actively engaged in cannabis research and the scientific community as an editorial board member for various scientific journals, teaching, and cannabis education awareness programs.

Hemant is passionate about cannabis education, specifically focused on the medical application of cannabis. He is currently faculty member at the Cleveland School of Cannabis (CSC) and St Louis University for teaching Medical application, Pharmacology, Dispensary operations, Cannabis research, Patient Navigation (PN), and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). He has given various national and international lectures on how medical cannabis affects the body, and how it is used to treat illnesses from a neuroscience perspective. Hemant had been actively involved in the curriculum development and CMEs of many aspects of Medical Cannabis. Hemant is an enthusiastic educator focusing on the medicinal value of cannabis, augmenting endocannabinoid (ECS) health, and motivating the industry forward with a research-based, integrative approach to cannabinoids.