Dr. Rajesh Arora (BAMS, NDDY)

Dr. Rajesh Arora (BAMS, NDDY)

Dr. Arora comes with an eclectic skill set, all focused on healing through though integrated and knowledgeable means. 

Working as an ayurvedic physician in Hanumangarh district, Rajasthan Dr. Arora has been practicing as a piles and respiratory specialist and also treating chronic diseases like arthritis, anxiety, depression, and mentally retarded children.
Dr. Arora is also running a pain clinic as a Neurotherapy center for rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, frozen shoulder, migraine, headache, osteoarthritis, disc pain, lower back pain, and other body-related pain. 
If you need guidance with any of the above or know someone who does, book a consultation with Dr. Arora today.