Parallel Vision 2D contemporary abstract art by Bhoomika Perti

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Bhoomika Perti a.k.a. A Parallel Vision is a 2D contemporary abstract artist who explores mixed media like her skin. A graduate in fashion and lifestyle and accessory designing, Bhoomika founded the brand 'A Parallel Vision' in 2014 out of sheer passion by not placing herself in a mundane job. Bhoomika has been a part of several exhibitions around the city including Comic-Con where she received a phenomenal response for her art and since then she's been going on an upward journey. For her, art is not just an expression of the self/soul but a medium to make people think, connect, and converse. Her personal style is mostly abstract but being a design student, she can adapt her skills to almost all kinds of art forms and have completed several successful art projects in the city of Hyderabad. She wishes to work on her art collection soon and is looking forward to innovating and bringing an innovative art concept to the world.

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