Heal Your Body and Soul - Akashic Healing With Anoushka D'Souza

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Anoushka D'souza is the founder of Conxcious Produxtions-  a multi-sensory healing company. Raised in Canada, she moved back to India to connect back to her roots. She's fused together with her B.A in Philosophy, Yoga Teacher training, intuitive guidance, and conflict resolution training to create a space to heal in nontraditional ways. Her niche clients are creatives from all industries to normalize therapy and meditation as part of their creative lifestyle. She addresses Social anxiety, fear of following your passions, how to live a soulful despite having a successful career, how to trust our intuition, and how to stop fearing money to name a few.  Her goal is to continue building an empire of sustainable wellness all across the globe. She s soon to be launching "Conxcious Online Studios" a remote healing space for people to access Yoga, spirituality, & group therapy (such as anger management, and scream therapy classes.)

What is Akashic Healing? 

This mode of healing derives from accessing your Akashic Records. In Sanskrit , the 'Akash' means ethers . When you access your personal etheric records, we're connecting with your ancestors & spiritual guides that hold space for you to travel into different dimensions that have what you desire. 
This form of healing:
* strengthens your intuition, 
*releases trauma from your current reality with WHATEVER problem you have in your life. 
* strengthens your connection with your ancestors and teaches you how to move with their guidance.
* provides you a consistent space to heal from past hurtful memories.
*  Teaches you to live a soulful life.
* removes ANY block from your creative mind and passion.
* normalizes spirituality and therapy in one wholesome container.
* integrates conflict resolution tools into your everyday life.
* Integrates meditation as an everyday life. 
* receive sustainable  and long term "self care"skills which will naturally be transferable into your family, inner circle and external tribe. 
Book your free 20 Minute Akashic intro

Consultation 20 min call- Free.
1 Akashic Session- 3500 RS. 
Akashic Healing 5 Pack Sessions= 17,000 RS.
Group Soul Therapy Per session: 1111 RS.