Art Therapy By Vaishali.

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Rs. 900.00
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About Vaishali- Started doing art as a child & graduated from fashion college in 2017 learning Art in different forms- Designing, styling, graphic designing, History of art, and forms of Art, Keeping it further she shifted to Auroville to give her artwork more chance lived with an Italian Artist named Rosalba Cilleri for 6 months she is an Art therapist herself while doing Art it made her realize how Art is helping her as a therapy better than nothing else, so she started learning Art therapy and doing it with herself, Kids and friends.

Types of Therapy-

Art therapy for Anxiety-
In this, we learn about flow and how to let it go and find the grounding at the same time.

Art therapy for stress- In this we learn about how to not let your mind make stories and clear your mind with calmness.

Art Therapy for Emotional Needs- In this we learn about our emotional needs which we cannot understand the whole but when we keep it out on the paper and connect with the art to understand our emotional needs better.

Classes can take place on zoom or Physically. 

Price: Rs. 900 Per Session. 

2 Sessions Combined: Rs. 1600

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