Basics/ Beginner Voice Over Artiste 1 Hour Crash-Course by Dixit Voice Artiste.

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Rs. 6,000.00
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Have you always been told you have an amazing voice and should consider Voice Over work? & don’t know how to go about? Dixit Dewani can help. A Senior Voice Over Artiste in the industry and a Copywriter, DJ + Hemp Brand Owner (OUTERBODY Labs) in this 1/2 Hour Crash Course you can learn: 

* How to go about creating a Voice Reel. 
* How to secure work. 
* A Few basic script reading sessions. 
* What Equipment to get. 
* Learn how to express/ emote. 
* Learn how to emphasise. 

What you need: 

A basic Mic. (phone will do) 

A good internet connection. z

Zoom. On Mac or Windows.