CBD Yoga With Anoushka D'Souza.

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Rs. 2,000.00
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Anoushka D'souza is the founder of Conxcious Produxtions-  a multi sensory healing company. Raised in Canada, she moved back to India to connect back to her roots. She's fused together her B.A in Philosophy, Yoga Teacher Trainings, intuitive guidance and conflict resolution training to create a space to heal in non traditional ways. Her niche clients are creatives from all industries to normalize therapy and meditation as part of their creative lifestyle. She addresses: Social anxiety, fear of following your passions, how to live a soulful despite having a successful career, how to trust our intuition, how to stop fearing money to name a few.  Her goal is to continue building an empire of sustainable wellness for all across the globe. She s soon to be launching "Conxcious Online Studios" a remote healing space for people to access Yoga, spirituality, & group therapy (such as anger management, scream therapy classes.)

 What is CBD YOGA? 

Yoga infused with your PRESCRIBED CBD. Anoushka facilitates a unique blend of asana movements (inspired by Kung Fu, Tai- chi & Hatha Yoga), meditation and chakra activations. We will learn to integrate CBD in our yoga practice to welcome an even deeper sensory activating class. Every class is very unique and catered to the group. Please NOTE CBD is optional.

Individual CBD YOGA Flow Sessions: 2000 RS.
10 Class Pass CBD YOGA: 20,000 RS.