Dr. Abdul Shaikh Treatment Plan

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Rs. 3,500.00
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Treatment Plans

Dr. Abdul Shafiz Shaikh is one of the foremost experiences in Modern, Unani and Alternative Medicine. He has recently started a Medical Cannabis Practice and research in Medical Cannabis.

He is a certified Medical practitioner and is currently a practicing general physician and consultant in Mira Road East, Mumbai. 
Dr. Abdul Shafiz Shaikh has been practicing and healing patients for over 3 years and has treated a number of patients to date. He has effectively managed various diseases by modern medicine, Unani alternative medicine, and CBD. 

Treatment Plans:

1. Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Hyper / Hypothyroidism, Skin Disorder 

  • 6 Month Treatment Plan,¬†
  • Total Consultations: 12¬†
  • Charges 3500/-

2. Digestive Disorder 

  • 3-month Treatment Plan
  • Total Consultations: 6
  • Charges 2000/-

3. Gynecological Disorder/ Sexual Problems

  • 6 Month Treatment Plan
  • Total Consultations: 12
  • Charges 3500/-