Dr. Sivaram Treatment Plan

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Treatment Plan

Dr.Sivaram (BAMS, MD - Ayurveda) is an Ayurvedic Cannabis Specialist with 10 years of clinical experience and 3 years of research. He has an excellent understanding of Allopathy (western medicine) which helps give a wholesome perspective especially for chronic or lifestyle diseases where there is an existing dependency on synthetics. He patiently understands the uniqueness of every individual and what ails him or her before extending support to heal them. Thanks to the supernatural combination of Ayurveda and cannabis, there is a systematic approach to address the root cause besides offering quick symptomatic relief.

Treatment Plans:

1) Autoimmune modulation & anti-inflammatory treatment for Rheumatisms, Arthritis.

 Period: 3 months; Sessions: 9 follow-ups (every 10 days); Price: 4,000/- 


2) Cancer care: Chemo-radiation recovery, pain relief with immune modulation.  

Period: 3 months; Sessions: 12 follow-ups (every week); Price: 8,000/- 

3) Treatment for common psychological disorders viz. Stress, anxiety, depression, sleep.

Period: 2 months; Sessions: 8 follow-ups (every week); Price: 3,000/- 


4) Treatment plan for musculoskeletal & neuropathic pain.

Period: 2 months; Sessions: 6 follow-ups (every 10 days); Price: 2,000/-