Elinor Organics | Usnea Lykan Tincture (30 ml)

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Secret of the Ancient Tribe

Respectfully and sustainably harvested and handpicked.

Usnea Barbata Lichen (20%), Grain Alcohol (60%) Spring water (20%)

We sustainably and respectfully harvest the Usnea barbata lichens from the remote and untouched indigenous forests of the Himalayas and process them into high-quality dual extraction tinctures using traditional extraction techniques. The process of extracting all of the medicinal properties of the lichen into a dual-extraction tincture not only increases their bio-availability and efficacy but also increases the shelf life to a great degree.

How does it work?

Usnea is one of the most beneficial lichens in the world in terms of its medicinal value as it can be used to accelerate chronic and acute immune reactions and responses. For example, when we have an acute immune infection like cough and cold, Usnea will act as a great anti-bacterial medicine. As opposed to some other herbs and medicines which kill bacteria and infection by going into war with them, Usnea takes another direction by going deep inside the closed system of the body and triggering the immune system to work at full-throttle, which then manifests into innumerable health benefits.

Apart from its anti-bacterial effects, Usnea also has potent anti-fungal and anti-viral properties which makes it a multi-faceted medicine. Usnea should be taken at certain times of the year when you need to work on the body’s immune response mechanism or in order to reverse any specific symptoms or ailments that manifest as an outcome of a weak immunity.


Consume 10 -12 drops of the tincture twice a day in any beverage or food, or administer it directly on the tongue.

One 30 ml tincture bottle will contain approximately 6 grams of Usnea.

1 dose of tincture or 10 to 12 drops will contain about 111 mg of Usnea.

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