Hemplanet Auroville Hemp Shampoo Bar 75g

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Rs. 290.00
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Hemplanet Auroville Hemp Shampoo Bar:

Handmade Hemp Shampoo Bar with patchouli and lavender and packaged in all natural biodegradable banana leaf and recycled paper.

Made in the heart (by hands) of Auroville by Hemp Planet, a company that focusses on creating quality Hemp Products with a heart & sustainable in every way possible, comes a super-organic, soul soothing Hemp Shampoo Bar, that strengthens your hair from the very roots. Enhance with the goodness of patchouli, which nourishes & hydrates the hair, this Hemp Soap Bar is good for absolutely all kinds of hair. In fact Hemp is infused with the goodness of Vitamin B12 which is excellent for skin rejuvenation and hair growth. The best part? This not-so-ordinary bar of Soap can also double up as a Body soap and provide excellent hydration to your skin. At Hemp Planet we believe in complete sustainability for oneself and the environment, which is why our Hemp Shampoo Bar is packaged in all natural, completely biodegradable banana leaf & recycled paper, so while your nourishing your hair, you’re also contributing to saving the environment one hair wash at a time. Why use ordinary soap? That’s not only harsh for your hair or skin but also produced using plastic packaging. Do the right thing by buying Hemp Planet’s Hemp Shampoo Bar.