Hempstrol Athletic Hemp Seed Care Oil

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 Hempstrol Natural Aromatherapy Athletic Care Oil 


  • Source : Indo Himalayas
  • Carrier Oil : Hemp Seed Oil
  • Essential Oil : Wintergreen Oil¬†
  • Bottle Size : 30 ml Amber Glass Bottle
  • Packaging : Biodegradable Jute Potli Bags
  • This Oil Is Non-Sticky and is 100% Vegan
  • Not For Consumption, Only Physical Application.


This Oil Is Non-Sticky and is 100% Vegan

Not For Consumption, Only Physical Application.

Use immediately whenever the pain starts to begin.

Pour 5-10 drops on aching muscles and joint areas and massage gently for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Why do Natural Aromatherapy Athletic Care Oil work on Muscle and Joint Pains?

Hey athletes! 

While working out indoors or outdoors there can be times when you might end up having a muscle pull or might just twist an ankle. Well, at this very moment you need the magic of Wintergreen Extract and Hemp Seed Oil to get you out of this pain. The process of Aromatherapy relieves you of the pain instantly but also assists in healing. Regular use of this oil on an injured part helps it to heal faster. The heating effect you will notice will be because of the properties of Wintergreen and Hemp Seed Oil with its anti-inflammatory properties will speed up the healing process. Hemp heals to the deepest layers, Experience Hemp love with this Hemp Oil today. 

Hempstrol Athletic Care works instantly on 

  1. a) Redness 
  2. b) Swelling 
  3. c) Pain 
  4. d) Stiff Muscles 
  5. e) Joint Pains

You can apply this oil after intense gym sessions, on-ground training sessions or post workout on your muscles that have become stiff. This helps your body to develop more flexibility and agility. A massage with a few drops on your muscles will regulate the flow of the blood in that particular area thus helping you keep a fit and flexible body. 

Who can use this oil? 

Anyone can use this oil to bring their muscles and joint pains to a stop. 

This bottle can fit very well in your gym bag or your football kit. 

Hempstrol Athletic Care is the sports medicine all you players need. 

Say no to chemicals with Hempstrol's Natural Aromatherapy range!