Moksa Bliss Bundle

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The Moksa Bliss Bundle consists of :

1 X Moksa Hibiscus Tea CBD Oil 2000MG Tincture 15ml
1 X Soma Flora Crystal Chillum | Red Aventurine (4 inch)
1 X Founder Reserve Herbal Smoking Blend


1. Moksa Hibiscus Tea CBD Oil 2000MG Tincture 15ml

Moksa Water Soluble CBD Oil Drops Infused with Hibiscus Tea.  

Natural Flower Extract and CBD Infused Green Tea Drops (Water soluble CBD)

We know how much you love drinking tea! So, we thought why not use our cutting-edge technology and years of passionate experience in the CBD extraction and infusion process, to create a beautiful aromatic fusion of CBD product- an isolate derived from hemp oil and therapeutic flower extract!  

Try out our collection of Natural Flower Extract and CBD Infused Green Tea Drops to get the best of CBD, along with therapeutic flowers like Jasmine, Hibiscus and Blue Butterfly each with unique health benefits! 

Hibiscus Tea
This flower extract has a sour and a tarte flavour, and might have been used by different cultures as a remedy for various conditions. Africans might have used Hibiscus tea to treat liver disease, constipation, cancer and cold symptoms while Egyptians might have used it to treat heart and nerve diseases, lower the body temperature, and as a diuretic to increase urine production.

How to Use 
Simply add 4 drops of your Natural Flower Extract and CBD Infused Green Tea Drops into a hot cup of water and stir

Why You Should Buy This Product

  • Multiple therapeutic benefits
  • 100 % Organic
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Flower extract prepared from organically grown medical plants


2. Soma Flora Crystal Chillum | Red Aventurine (4 inch)

Red Aventurine is believed to enhance mental stamina and encourage a renewed sense of empowerment. It is believed to bring correction to issues affecting, blood, circulation, heart, fertility, reproductive organs in both male and female, nervous system, thymus gland, metabolism, autoimmune and hormones.

 Benefit from its healing properties during your next smoke session with these exceptional handcrafted chillums by Soma Flora.


3. Founder Reserve Herbal Smoking Blend

Founder Reserve Herbal Smoking Blend

  • Use in rolling a joint, a pipe, bong, vaporizer, or hand roll.
  • Each tin can make up to 15 joints if rolled in a medium-size rolling paper and 10 rolls when used in a king-size sheet.
  • A Jet or A Pencil.
  • You can pair the Founder Reserve smoking blend with any of your personal secret herbs and also use it as a tea.

All-natural herbal blend.
100% Organic.
No Chemicals
No Nicotine
No Additives
No Addiction

Main Ingredients
Gentiana kurroo
Aconitum heterophyllum
Pea flower
Kasuri methi
Urtica thunbergiana
Rhododendron flower

This is a recreational product and not intended to treat any health conditions.
The blend can be maneuvered with your personal herb.
The blend can be handed-down in a pipe, bong, vaporizer or hand roll in a smoking joint.
We recommend to mix your personal herb by pinching method with the ELINOR herbal smoking blends for the best experience.