Moksa Peach Rhododendron Tea – 15 Biodegradable Pyramid Teabags – 30 Gm

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A unique blend of botanicals like natural peach extracts and rhododendron that has an aromatic scent that will make you happy and uplift your senses, restore natural balance, relieve numbness.

Ingredients: Natural Peach extract and Rhododendron petals.
Available In: Loose & Tea Bags.


The great Himalayas are the abode of many wonders and secrets. The bright-red, bell-shaped flower of the Rhododendron arboreum tree has more to it than aesthetics that it grants to the valleys it is found in. The smoke released by the burning of Rhododendron tree’s wood is considered to be purifying in the Himalayas. Drinking Rhododendron Tea apparently became indispensable around the world over time. The petals of the Rhododendron flowers are said to be the tears of the bodhisattva and symbolize the united compassion. Also believed that drinking Rhododendron Tea extended the average life expectancy and aromatic scent of Rhododendron is believed to make you happy.


Health Benefits:

  • Rich in potassium, calcium, iron and vitamin C, and full of antioxidants
  • Helps to cure headaches and stomach ailments, also a great anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
  • Rhododendron has qualities that help fight asthma attacks and allergies.
  • Increases the blood flow to the brain and muscles
  • Speeds up the elimination of fats in the body and helps in detoxifying body
  • The scent of the rhododendron is said to have a grounding, calming and centering effect.

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