Prepare to Fly with Tauraez Mehta

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Tauraez Mehta Prepare to fly (guidance towards being a pro paramotorist)


Tauraez is an adept and experienced Para Motorist. Come fuel your adrenaline and conquer all fears of (flying) as he teaches you to embark on an adventure. He has been flying for 5 years with, totalling more than 600 hours - 1500 flights logged to his name. He bagged the 2nd place in National Paramotoring Championship, held in Nagpur, 2017.

He is currently the only owner of the Slalom race level glider in India, working with two more partners.


If you ever find yourself wishing to quit your boring desk job, throw away that corporate formal uniform and take to the skies; then Tauraez is the man that can help you begin your journey. From the concentration exercises to the workouts and diets to all the info you need on flying equipment, Tauraez can ensure that after the lockdown ends it's not a shirt and trousers you leave home bur a flying suit with wings


Tauraez began his paramotoring career in December, 2014. Starting out as a student, he also volunteered with a Pune based company called "Wings and Flights". He is still working with the same company, now as test pilot and instructor.


Fasten your seatbelts and tune for a visually vivified journey. Tauraez says ” I believe that no other sport can offer a sense of freedom in it's true essence like paramotoring can. It brings out the latent explorer and philosopher within and opens up doors of newer perceptions like you have never felt before!  It is an addiction to a new level.” 

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