Rock N' Roll Sessions with Nick Starglo

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Nick is a 23 year old up and coming artist, here to help you reach new bounds with the help of Music. Nick has been a part of multiple music projects and is currently working on his current band called  “The Murmurs”. They are notoriously reknowned for their rebellious Rock and Roll music. Having  played sold out shows and concerts, Nick would like to share his auditorium filled adrenaline experiences with you.

Influenced by Rock music from all around the world, he founded “ The Murmurs” in August of 2019 drawing inspiration from the early 90’s Britpop scene. He ultimately aims to release new music that inspires people. He really believes that music has the power to influence people.

He now wants you to be a part of it, and hence is navigating aspiring guitarists through the tricky first steps of learning guitar. Nick will share his approach to making music and will help you create your own musical style. He mainly focuses on teaching you a guitar class that makes your guitar playing meaningful to you.

With Nick’s guitar class you will be able to learn to play songs and even master power-packed guitar solos, as he focuses on practicing and just having fun while doing so. He also focuses on learning melodies, music theory and learning cool new chords. So even if you’re an absolute beginner, or someone that wants to learn to master new tricks over the fretboard, Nick’s guitar class is something you just cannot miss.   

So head over and click the link and come experience the electric fueled power of rock and roll.

Therefore, in the words of Mr. Angus Young- For those about to Rock, we salute you.