SleepSutraa - Padabhyanga oil for Sound Sleep - Foot massage oil

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Sleepsutraa 30 is the formulation that helps one to have a sound sleep for a person who is devoid of it without having to take it internally.

Foot massage oil for Sound Sleep


Helps with Insomnia, Sleep disorders.


  • Insomnia or lack of sleep for all age groups.
  • Stress and Disturbed sleep
  • Hyperactive Children
  • Dry, cracked and tired feet.
  • Pain in the foot.


1. Take sufficient quantities of Sleep Sutraa and apply to the feet and massage gently.

2. Press and massage the points that are tender, knotty and painful in the direction of muscle fibers, till the pain is less tender and the knots becomes smaller. You can learn about how to massage at our website.

3.You can also apply the oil over entire feet and lower legs for relaxation.

4. Massage for minimum 10 minutes or till the oil is absorbed into the skin.

5. Leave it overnight or wash it with warm water after an hour.