The Trost Hemp Cigarette Woody Rollen (5 pack)

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Rs. 420.00
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Calm to your chaos!

100% Tobacco & Nicotine Free ayurvedic formulation rolled with therapeutic attributes of 3 herbs!

- Indicated for treating Asthma and Dyspnea

- Helps in aiding cough, stress, pain, inflammation, indigestion, brain fog, autoimmune disorders, loss of sleep.

- Helps in over-coming addiction of tobacco, alcohol & other drugs.


- Damiana (turnera diffusa) 

- Lavender (Lavanduka stoechs)

- Cannabis Sativa 

- 100% Tobacco & Nicotine Free

- No added chemical additives, preservatives or artificial flavors.

How to use: 2-4 Cigarettes a day or as directed by physician

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