Moksa Turmeric Black Tea and Panacea Herbal Tea - Combo

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Moksa as a brand promises a unique, healthy, high quality, & completely natural range of products that induces bliss, improves health, improves the state of mind and therefore liberates us from the daily cobwebs of life. Moksa has been continually studying the benefits of different natural products and is proud to offer exotic teas, premium coffee & superfoods. We have tested this new diversified range, and are confident that when consumers start including these products in their daily routine, they can “EXPECT MIRACLES”.

Herbal tea is extremely beneficial to us. It is proven one of the healthiest drinks of the world. One can tell the difference in their body only after having a cup of herbal tea every day.

The benefits that the herbal tea offers are aplenty. Soothing nerves, eliminating toxins, digestion, detoxification, weight loss etc. are there to name a few. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which not only makes your body healthy but also helps in recovery refreshing and relaxing your mind.

However, these are not the only benefits of the herbal tea, there are many more.

Do you know herbal tea bags can remain beneficial even after you extract the tea from them? And that their benefits are helpful to even those battling with skin issues. Yes, herbal tea bags can be used if you are facing skin problems.Long working hours with irregular sleep leads to puffy eyes and dark circles. Don’t fret as we have a remedy. Place a chilled tea bag on your eyes and see the result.

Herbal tea contains anti-inflammatory property which can help reduce irritation and redness in the eyes.Long hours under the harsh blazing sun causes sunburn? Place wet and chilled tea bags on the affected area and see the magic.

DIY face mask
Your skin tends to lose elasticity with every passing year which cause wrinkles. By applying the tea leaves from the tea bags as a regular face mask along with a proper diet could help. Just transfer tea leaves from the bag and mix it with aloe vera and apply the mask on your face.

AYURVEDIC BENEFITS: Spices like Cinnamon, Clove, Black Pepper are ancient medicinal herb which helps in relieving stress, improve energy and builds immunity. While Turmeric has curcumin which is anti-infammatory and rich in anti-oxidants.
Plastic-Neutral brand. We measure our overall carbon & plastic footprint & offset it via our investments in environment sustainability initiatives in India.

golden elixir combining two age-old superfoods, Blissful Turmeric and the healing Ashwagandha. This 100% Organic.also benefits your overall health & immunity in a multitude of ways, of which ‘Stress Relief’ is the prime gift ! Indulge in a calming cup of this earthy goodness with a play of spicy and sweet flavours.
A Caffeine-free latte mix that you can brew with your choice of milk.


  • A warm, bitter, pepper-like flavor and sweet earthy mustard-like aroma, this colorful bright-hued tea brightens the day and intensifies the inner happiness. A good antidote to stress.
  • 'Panacea, the goddess of healing by way of curative medicine in Greek mythology is said to carry a magic potion, which she used to heal people with any illness. Always affording comfort, calmness, and consolation.
  • 'REDUCES ARTHRITIS SYMPTOMS : As an anti-inflammatory, cucumin may help reduce the most prominent symptoms of arthritis.
  • 'PERFECT COMPANION : This gentle tea blend is the perfect companion for a sick day, as it may help ease the aches and discomfort associated with seasonal illnesses.
  • 'Moksa sources and procures the raw materials from hilly regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal and West Bengal.

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