Violin lessons with Tamara Kazziha

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Tamara Kazziha is a half Egyptian, half Scottish violinist and vocalist specializing in improvisation in a variety of genres such as Classical, Electronic, Celtic Folk. She has been playing and singing for the past 16 years and has trained in Classical and Cultural folk music at The Royal Academy of Music and Drama in Scotland.
She has been traveling for the past 10 years, playing and performing with different artists from Portugal, Egypt, the US, England and Eastern Europe.

She has performed as the violinist and vocalist in Monkey Puzzle, a live 6 piece electronica band based in the UK and as the violinist in Aeyther, a classical neo-folk band. She has co-composed the music for 'The Vampire Rabbit,' a musical  theater production performed in England and has largely taken part in composing and performing for musical theater productions in the UK. She is also working on her own project to combine multiple cultural influences and genres into her own songwriter and violin playing.

She is available from Monday to Friday, between 12 and 6pm for violin lessons focusing on improvisation, theory, ear training and technique so that you can apply your skills to your preferred genre of music. Catering on the individual's preference, she will work to help you play whatever song, style, suits you.

You can follow her at Soundcloud at Elyisan Roots

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