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CBD for larger animals and livestock - does it work?

All mammals have the same endocannabinoid system so CBD affects cows and horses the same way it affects humans.

Just like humans consuming CBD, it does not get them high. It works towards maintaining homeostasis in the brain, spinal cord, skin, lymph nodes, gastrointestinal tract, and even the liver by interacting with the receptors that are present there.

Cannabinoid receptors are the most numerous types of receptors in our bodies.

Phytocannabinoids (phyto meaning from plants) like cannabidiol (CBD) can also act at these receptors to change pain pathways, serotonin levels, and even help seizure activity.

CBD offers a safe and complementary approach to wellness and can be extremely useful in livestock that cannot tolerate NSAIDs or corticosteroids. 

Plant-based medicine can be a great alternative for those looking to help their horses be more comfortable



Benefits of using CBD:

Reduces Inflammation: If your horse/cow has inflammation due to a previous injury or chronic disease, CBD oil can help them. It will work with their brain’s receptors to help calm down chemicals it sends out which produces inflammation. Because of this, it can help horses that have severe inflammatory problems, like equine arthritis and hepatitis.

Reduces pain: Because CBD oil helps with inflammation, it can also work to calm severe pain down. This is because it tricks their brain into sending out calming effects to reduce the side effects of unbearable pain.

Reduces stress: If your animal is stressed, such as being put in a new environment they don’t like, hemp oil can be helpful. It’s able to do this because it tricks their brain and has it sends out serotonin which can boost their mood and make them feel more energetic.

Enhances well-being: Depression can be a serious problem in horses as it can cause them to become lethargic and have a lack of appetite. Just as with stress, CBD oil can help with depression by releasing serotonin and improving your horse’s endocannabinoid system. It will encourage them to eat, play, and walk - things which can be impacted by depression.

Strengthens Immune system: CBD oil helps to strengthen their immune system and it keeps it functioning well which can help their body to better defend itself from harmful illnesses. It can also help prevent inflammation which can contribute to severe diseases.

Reduces Arthritis:  Older horses tend to suffer from arthritis which can be very painful. CBD oil works to help soothe arthritis pain by not only reducing inflammation but keeping their joints flexible. 

Calms them down: CBD oil has very calming effects making it perfect for horses or cows who have anxiety, stress, or depression. It will trick their brain’s receptors which in return will help to keep them relaxed and free from whatever is worrying them.

Reduces Allergies: CBD oil will help their immune system to fight off the allergens causing them distress by reducing inflammation and eventually eliminating the allergens from their body. Eventually, this can lead to them having smaller allergic reactions to none at all.

How much CBD oil should your horse/cow take?

Most vets recommend starting with about 40mg of CBD oil daily. This way, you’ll be able to check how the CBD oil is working for your horse and can stop if there seems to be a problem. You’ll want to consider their age, weight, height, and intensity of the problem you plan to use the CBD oil for. Consult with our doctors to know the accurate dosage and to select CBD oil for livestock.


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