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CBD oil for our grandparents: Is it a good idea?

As us humans get older, our body starts to deteriorate and we are faced with ailments such as joint pain, stiff joints, degrading muscles and more. We are unable to partake in the activities we once used to, we can’t do much without help and support and so on. And while there is no compound that could deem you immortal, there are certainly some things that help us age gracefully and stay active throughout our old age. And nothing is better than a body that can support you and function well till the end. 

Hemp Oil

So what is CBD? And how does it factor into all of this?

CBD is a compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant and is usually extracted from full-spectrum Hemp Oil. CBD unlike THC, is not psychoactive and does not leave you feeling high. It is one of 100 compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant and has garnered humungous attention for its healing properties over the past few years. Cannabinoids are known to interact with the Endocannabinoid system in the body that is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the various functioning of the body such as the brain, gut and others. Hemp is a type of Cannabis that has a higher level of CBD and low levels of THC. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of Cannabis without the high when you don’t need it. 

CBD is showing amazing results with 42% of the Baby Boomer generation benefitting heavily from it to alleviate joint pain and other chronic pain. A recent study conducted on 1047 senior adults who took CBD to know more about how it affects them and whether it can help. They arrived at a conclusion that showed chronic pain saw a 61% reduction among seniors who consumed CBD – a significant result! 

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So the next time you’re wondering how to help your grandparents, the natural remedy that is CBD may be your answer. It is totally safe for them to consume as a dietary supplement. It’s not only useful when they have chronic pain, but also to elevate the quality of their daily life. If you’d like to know the dosage, product and type of oil that’s best for your loved ones, consult our doctor, give them a few details about your grandparent and they will recommend a product that’s perfect for them. If you’re fairly well-versed with CBD products and doses, you can find it on our website and gift healthy and comfortable golden years to your grandparents!

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