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How Hemp Oil can help your sore muscles recover

When one lives an active life, whether through sports, training or maintaining your home, it is inevitable to wake up sore some mornings complaining about muscle pain. Oftentimes, it’s tough to know the difference between a healthy ache and an injury. And it gets even tougher if you have to get back into training the next day. How then, does one become able to focus on recovering rather than hurting and stressing their muscles even more? That being said, it’s important to note that not all pain is problematic. It just might be a sign that your body just needs some more care.

What are the types of pain one can encounter?

The first is acute muscle soreness – one that occurs right after you exercise and is an indicator that you’ve built up enough lactic acid to challenge your muscles and you leave the gym with achy feeling. And the second is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), where you feel aches and pains a few days after your workout. It is mainly characterized by stiffness and tenderness to the touch. 

For either of these muscle aches, Hemp Oil might help!

When It comes to aches and pains, icing the area is a great way to start healing it as it helps with the ache and the swelling. Another way is by using Hemp Oil. The scientific community is only recently uncovering how Cannabinoids interact with your pain and how CBD can actually help alleviate your pain and aid recovery. The incredible analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD shows promise in helping the body heal. It proves to be unique in the way it tackles pain. It targets different processes in the body that deal with pain, swelling and other anti-inflammatories or pain relievers. 

Another important factor to muscle recovery is good quality sleep. Good sleep accelerates the Protein synthesis needed to repair damaged muscles. And there’s nothing like CBD to assist you is getting a good night’s rest. Cannabinoids interact with certain receptors to have promising effects on sleep. 

The above factors work hand in hand in aiding any type of muscle recovery and can help you get back on track, however hard your training might be. Know more about the benefits of a hemp oil massage in our article. Find CBD products that will help you along your recovery journey. Visit our curated collection CBD Products for pain relief!

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