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Ladies, glow from the inside out with CBD!

We’ve all heard the overused phrase “beauty comes from within” a whole lot. While it’s true for the most part, we tend to go back to quick fixes because a face blemish is easier to fix than a character flaw. And there’s no shortage of options for these quick fixes! We’re bombarded with ads on 24 karat creams to snail mucus that moisturizes. There’s a product for every part of the face and products you didn’t even know you needed!

 We all know how it works – they convince you you’re flawed and sell you the antidote. And we fall for it each time. But all the ladies know deep down that there’s an irreplaceable glow that comes when you’re actually happy. You can see the difference in your skin when everything’s going your way. There’s solid truth in the fact that when you’re thriving, it shows! When you’re feeling relaxed and content, your skin follows suit; and your hair too. How many times have you lost a bunch of hair when you’ve been stressed? And that just leads to a never-ending cycle of more stress and more hair fall. What we’re saying is that it isn’t really good for business to say happiness is the secret to glowing skin and luscious hair. But that is the ultimate truth!

So where are we going with this?

We have something that can help you make that effortless glow yours. And although it’s ironic that we’re doing the same thing we despise, we promise you, this treats the root of the matter. Beauty isn’t just skin deep. It goes deep into the interconnectedness of your glands and your mood.

Stress releases cortisol and when it’s of no use, it can seriously harm your gut health, which in turn can affect your hormones and end up showing on your skin.

A good mood is sure to keep your body and mind balanced. But how do we keep it up in an age of stress?

You guessed it – CBD products! The tried, tested and true elixir of the gods that all the influencers you follow on Instagram have been raving about. We’re here to tell you that it actually works. Don’t wait out the CBD trend any longer. There’s so much out there to discover.

For starters there are a variety of options like CBD Oil, CBD Tinctures (alcohol based), CBD Edibles, CBD Lotion, Serums and more. All of these when consumed, get to work on your overall state of being, making you feel more calm and relaxed than ever.

You can feel your facial muscles relax and a small smile creeping in. This signals your body to stop producing stress hormones and brings forth that peaceful glow. And just FYI, CBD does not get you high. Our bodies naturally produce a “bliss molecule” called Anandamide and CBD naturally elevates levels of this endocannabinoid. If you are taking the oral route, you can go for CBD Isolate (just CBD) or full-spectrum CBD with other cannabis compounds that give you an entourage effect.

If you want to use it more in a topical than oral fashion you can go for CBD infused serums and lotions that have enticing anti-inflammatory properties. CBD also helps regulate the oil production of the sebaceous glands and in turn suppress breakouts and blemishes.

If you’re a home remedy creatrix, you will love our CBD infused honey from Soma Flora. It’s a multi-floral Himalayan honey that’s rich in Vitamins and Minerals and is absolutely pure and raw. It’s all natural and will moisturize your skin and also give it the therapeutic properties of hemp. It’s will act as the best base for all your face-pack concoctions!

CBD has exquisite effects on skin health whether you choose to apply it externally or consume it. This time right now is the dawn of the hemp-renaissance and there are products out there that can heal you from the inside out in ways that no big pharma medicines or cosmetics can.

So ride the wave and try something you’ve never tried before. Keep in mind that one CBD product can replace all your cosmetics. So, keep it simple, it’s nature’s way and you’re bound to get your glow back, naturally.

Too many options got you confused? You can always call and consult us and we’ll help you figure it out.



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