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      Why you should ditch fast fashion and switch to Hemp clothing

      The fashion industry is one of the leading polluters in the world and the largest contributor to the build-up of greenhouse gases! If you didn’t know this, it’s completely expected because they do a good job at hiding it from hitting the mainstream media. Hemp is known to be one of the most sustainable materials out there due to its soil replenishing properties, fast growth and overall usefulness. Other than the fact that hemp is highly sustainable, hemp fabric is also long-lasting, durable and feels extremely soft on the skin.

      Let’s start with the basics – what is hemp?

      Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It has a plethora of industrial benefits, it can be used not only in the making of textiles, but also oils, food, construction material, and much more. Hemp has negligible traces of THC and grows much faster than trees and other plants at a higher volume than most.

      So what are the benefits of Hemp fabric?

      Reduces Carbon emissions:

      As mentioned earlier, the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to global warming and environmental issues. When Hemp is used as a material, it is eco-friendly an bio-degradable and as a crop, Hemp absorbs 4 times as much CO2 from the environment as trees. This means Hemp actively works on reducing the concentration of CO2 in the air.

      Needs comparatively lesser water to grow:

      Many crops used for fabric drink up a lot of water and require heavy irrigation. However, Hemp requires much less water as it does not require heavy irrigation to thrive. Another benefit is that it does not need a heavy use of insecticides and pesticides.

      Hemp enriches the soil:

      Hemp restores much of the vital nutrients that have been lost. Multiple cycles of hemp can be grown on the same land and it can also be used a part of crop rotation. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t require pesticides and therefore doesn’t include the pollution of soil through pesticides.

      The fabric is comforting and cozy:

      Hemp is easy on the skin and super breathable. It doesn’t absorb sweat, is resistant to fading, doesn’t wear off easily and holds shape even after multiple washes. In fact many have said that it gets softer with time. If you have a bad odor, hemp clothing may help you due to its anti-microbial properties.

      Hemp may just be the future of clothing, as per the rate at which the fashion industry is hurting the environment we may not be left with any other choice but to switch to hemp. But why wait till it gets that bad? Switch to hemp clothing that’s fashionable, sustainable and feels so good! Shop various styles and patters at cbdstore.in today.

      On the road to recovery with Physical Therapy? Here’s how CBD will help!

      On the road to recovery with Physical Therapy? Here’s how CBD will help!

      One of the most common aspects people looks to CBD and Hemp Oil for is physical therapy. Many individuals who have to recover from accidents, genetic conditions etc, have resorted to this natural modality of healing and rejuvenating their muscles. Moreover, CBD Oil is easy to integrate into your pre-existing natural therapy regimen and thereby enhancing your wellness, recovery and overall strength. CBD Products and Hemp Oil work well as complementary therapies and can be wither consumed or applied topically. 

      hemp oil

      What is Physical Therapy and how does it work?

       From children dealing with issues to adults dealing with neurodegenerative diseases, there are always people looking for alternatives. Physical therapy is aimed at recovery through physical modalities such as exercises, stretching, cold/hot massage etc. The goal here is to help the body heal itself. And the reason why people look to natural alternatives is because the primary techniques used may have many more side effects and may only be treating the symptom instead of the healing the root. Physical therapy seeks to move your body parts into their most comfortable or natural position. It essentially works to structurally correct the problem.

      cbd products, hemp oil

      How does Hemp Oil and CBD Oil help?

      Topical CBD and muscle recovery is a match made in heaven. Topical balms can be applied directly onto the affected areas. They can easily be integrated into therapy appointments to give this area the healing it needs, pre and post therapy. CBD Oil addresses problems on a cellular level in order to make the therapy more effective. Aside from Topical CBD, you can also use other modalities such as CBD Oil tinctures, Capsules and/or Powders. These oral methods can assist your therapy in providing full-body and psychological relief. It works on reducing inflammation, improving focus, relaxing the muscles, and soothing the obstacles of discomfort to help you get your body back into a state of homeostasis. There are a number of ways to integrate these methods into your routine. 

      It can also assist you in accommodating other healthy lifestyle changes into your routine such as have a good healthy diet, exercising regularly and assist you in getting a good night’s rest – which is also highly essential to the process of muscle recovery. CBD is a holistic way to introduce true and long lasting wellness into your life along with physical therapy. 

      If you’re on the road to recovery and you’d like a little help from CBD, check out our store for high quality products or consult our doctors to know the dosage and product that’s right for you.