The healing effects of CBD on Dementia

Dementia is heartbreaking and utterly gruelling for those who have the misfortune of encountering it. It is categorized by a general loss of cognitive functions like memory, language, problem solving and so on, making it severe enough to interfere with daily functioning. It isn’t a single disease but covers a range of medical conditions including Alzheimer’s disease. It is also well known to affect behaviour, feeling and relationships. Unfortunately, there has not been a cure found for Dementia. 

However, Cannabidiol may have some healing effects on what has thought to be close to impossible to cure. CBD has shown in various studies to reduce brain inflammation and the death of brain cells. CBD Oil may assist in increasing lucid moments among patients, increasing calm periods by decreasing mood swings and reducing anxiety and distress. Although it does not have a direct effect on Dementia, it works on decreasing the effects of other symptoms with high doses of CBD Oil. 

According to many doctors and families of patients, the distressing behaviours linked to Dementia are notoriously difficult to treat but CBD seems to have a significant impact on this. The alternative to CBD – sedatives, make it even more difficult for the patient to go about daily functions and communicate simple messages. Sedatives are all the more debilitating for someone who is already suffering greatly. 

Furthermore, a consequence of Dementia is the gathering of a specific Protein called Amyloid that forms clumps in the brain over time adversely affecting the patient. The chemicals present in CBD effectively remove these clumps formally and informally. 

Here’s an overview of all the ways CBD helps:

Decreases inflammation – CBD is capable of doing this by targeting several ways inside the body. It also helps the body with any illnesses caused by inflammation.

Impact on Oxidative Stress Damage – Treats the cause of Dementia which is Oxidative Stress Damage. Doctors usually suggest using CBD Oil for these purposes. CBD oil maximises the antioxidants in the brain reducing the intensity of Oxidative Stress Damage. 

Neurogenesis – This implies the growth of new cells in the brain. CBD not only heals symptoms of Dementia but promotes a healthy brain by welcoming the production of new cells. 

If you are suffering with Dementia or you know someone who is, this natural ailment can work wonders on alleviating the distress that comes with this difficult condition. 

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