CBD Articles and Information

  • Medical Consultation

    How a Cannabis Doctor can help you with your ailment

    When one visits a CBD Store India, they are met with a variety of options and categories. CBD & THC come in various ratios – 1:2, 2:1, 4:1, formats - full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolates, and mediums – oil, tinctures and paste. With...

  • Hemp Clothing

    Why you should ditch fast fashion and switch to Hemp clothing

    The Fashion Industry is one of the leading polluters in the world and the largest contributor to the build-up of greenhouse gases! If you didn’t know this, it’s completely expected because they do a good job at hiding it from...

  • Hemp Products

    5 reasons why Hemp is the next big thing!

    Hemp heals! From Hemp oil to tinctures to Hemp body-care products in India – Hemp has become an incredibly popular go-to for an array of problems or experiences and we’re sure you can’t help but wonder why. You may have...

  • Hemp/CBD Recipes

    Drool-worthy and easy Hemp/CBD recipes

    CBD Cookies   Turn your mood from sour to sweet with these yummy CBD cookies! These portable CBD cookies make the perfect quick bite to give you your dose of deliciousness and deep relaxation at the same time. Munch on...

  • Hemp Lotions

    Tackle winter dryness with these Hemp Lotions

    It's getting colder each day, and winter can wreak havoc on your skin - making it dry, itchy and irritated. Dry skin occurs when our skin doesn't retain sufficient moisture — perhaps, because of frequent bathing or use of harsh...

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