CBD and yoga – its roots and potential branches

CBD and yoga sounds like a match made in heaven and that’s because it is. This ancient practice is complemented seamlessly by this ancient herb and its become so wide spread across the USA. One practice originated in India (yoga) and Cannabis is a part of ancient Ayurvedic practices, so why is this wonderful concept not as prevalent in India? While those is USA take full advantage of these practices, seems like India is all set to catch up. And we’ll tell you why we should!

The connection between CBD and Yoga can be traced back to ancient Indian roots. Cannabis is referenced in the Vedas as it played an important role in enlightenment and spiritual progression. It is a sacred plant and belongs to the sacred practice of yoga. Here’s an account of a CBD Yoga class from someone in the USA – “When I walk into Jolie Parcher’s CBD yoga class in Amagansett, NY, a chimney of smoke rises from a hunk of burning sage and a sitar player is seated cross-legged, strumming away. As we settle onto our mats, Parcher explains that CBD oil might make us feel a little more relaxed, allowing calming sensations; it could also alleviate pain in the muscles or joints, allowing us to move with more freedom. Then she instructs us to turn our palms up if we want to receive the oil.

I swish the tincture around in my mouth and swallow, then lie back on a bolster and let the sound of the sitar carry me away. It’s been an intense summer—travel and family and work, work, work. It had been a while since I’d found space on my mat.

“CBD elevates consciousness and puts you in deeper touch with your body,” says Lou Sagar, founder and CEO of The Alchemist’s Kitchen, a New York City-based company that specializes in herbal remedies. I’m not quite sure where the yoga ends and the CBD begins.”

Tell us it doesn’t sound enticing?

The reason CBD might create a different reaction from THC, my experts tell me, is that the two interact with different receptors in the brain. THC, explains Earleywine, is a partial agonist of the CB1 receptor, which means it binds to that receptor and causes it to fire differently. CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t affect that receptor at all. The effects of CBD are outside the brain, in the body, he says.

So the next time you step on your mat, experience the wonderful combination of Yoga and CBD. Check out our store and find your favourite tincture.


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