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How a Cannabis Doctor can help you with your ailment

When one visits a CBD Store India, they are met with a variety of options and categories. CBD & THC come in various ratios – 1:2, 2:1, 4:1, formats - full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolates, and mediums – oil, tinctures and paste. With so many options in front of you, it becomes overwhelming to know what the right product and dosage is for you.

While one might have a general idea that CBD alleviates insomnia and THC can mitigate pain, choosing a product is a whole other ball game. One can always experiment with the products and dosage but most of us know how that is not entirely cost effective. So, this is where our panel of Ayurvedic doctors come in.

With these experts, who have done deep research and studies into this healing plant, we have a reliable source to depend on to know which product is best for us. Our panel of doctors ranges from orthopedic doctors, cancer specialists, psychiatrists and cannabis specialists.

When you book a consultation with our Doctors, they will help you narrow down on your condition and the right type of healing it requires. They prescribe you a product from the right brand and give you the right dosage to follow. These experts also help you with lifestyle changes and some other foods and supplements to consume. So, the treatment they provide is one that heals you to the root. For example, of someone suffers with insomnia, the doctor will prescribe a product with THC or melatonin to help you get back into the cycle along with foods, exercises and/or other herbal supplements that will help you maintain this lifestyle in the long run. In more severe cases, the situation can be more complex, so it’s always best to buy and consume with the guidance of an expert. You can even book follow-up consultations or a treatment plan with a doctor of your choice.

If you’re looking to buy any Cannabis related products, it’s always best to go through a doctor. And this is also the right path to choose because all Cannabis products require a prescription to purchase. What are you waiting for? Book a consultation with a doctor today!


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