CBD for your racing mind – does it work?

We have all dealt with an anxious mind, racing thoughts, and an inability to focus. A lot of this can be attributed to anxiety and the effects it has on out thought process. There are a number of ways to reduce this, from lifestyle changes to pharmaceuticals and therapy, but did you know that CBD has also contributed greatly to this conversation? There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the claims that CBD helps calm anxiety and since it is an all natural and legal way, it has shown up in the radar of a lot of mental health enthusiasts.

Here’s an experience that may help you take a call on whether you should give CBD a chance!

“I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember - I was that kid who was too afraid to go on the monkey bars and conveniently had to go to the bathroom as soon as it was my turn to ride a roller coaster. It wasn't until I was officially diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was 14 that I started taking medication for it. Fast forward to my mid-20s when I was diagnosed with bipolar II and started taking a different cocktail of medication, which helped many of my bipolar symptoms (including anxiety) but isn't a cure-all.

When I first started taking CBD for anxiety, I would only take it as I needed it. As in, when my symptoms were bad; I'm talking horrible intrusive thoughts, increased heart rate, inability to concentrate, and catastrophizing everything. Although I noticed a little bit of a difference, it wasn't nearly enough to really help. My mind would still be racing, and I would still have butterflies in my stomach. It wasn't until I attended a CBD-themed dinner that I started talking to others who take CBD for anxiety.

"How often do you take it?" someone asked. I told her just as I needed it, which ended up being a few times a week. She suggested I take it every day to allow it to build up in my system. Although I wasn't exactly sure of the science behind this - a Google search didn't yield any well-vetted reliable info - I decided it wouldn't hurt to try. When my anxiety gets to borderline debilitating, I'm willing to try anything. And since I hadn't had any side effects from CBD thus far, I was willing to experiment on myself and take CBD every day.

After a few days, I already noticed a major difference. I was more mellowed out overall and didn't have as many of my typical symptoms of anxiety. A couple weeks in, my intrusive thoughts virtually disappeared. My stomach was more calm, my heart rate got to a normal pace, and I didn't struggle with worrying about the worst-case scenario in every single situation. I would still have the occasional flare-up of my anxiety symptoms, but it wasn't nearly as consistent or severe as it was before.” - Christina Stiehl

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