Women of Cannabis: Charly Jordan – the 22 year old cannapreneur!

We love to see young women who are passionate about Cannabis take the wheel and start something of their own. Much like trail blazer, influencer, DJ and overall ray of light – Charly Jordan did. She started her own brand – Smoke Roses where you find organic & delicious rose petal and goji berry cones.

"As I traveled from country to country, seeing what different cultures and regions of the world chose to smoke, I was fascinated. I saw people smoking things I'd never seen smoked before, plants like lavender, banana leaves, and rose petals. They were so resourceful compared to what I was used to, where most options seemed to be bleached paper containing additives and chemicals. Smoking can be cleaner, people have been doing it for centuries, and I genuinely believe there are health benefits and steps we can take to better the smoking experience. 

Roses are my best effort. I put my heart into creating a cleaner smoking alternative that I genuinely believe will help change the smoking industry toward more natural standards." She says.

Starting at such a young age, let alone starting a cannabis related brand is unreal! And we’re in awe. Charly has been an advocate for cannabis and its healing power when it comes to mental health and has explained on many occasions how she leans on cannabis to help her help herself. She has explained on multiple occasions how cannabis continues to help her through her mental health struggles and she wanted her fans to experience the beauty of smoking through rose and gojiberry cones.


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