Women of Cannabis: How CBD saved Stacy London

Stacy London is an American stylist/fashion consultant, author, and magazine editor known primarily for her time as co-host on What Not to Wear, a reality television program that featured wardrobe and appearance makeovers. After graduating from Vassar College, London started her career as a fashion editor at Vogue and transitioned into being a stylist for celebrities and designers. She moved into television by co-hosting What Not to Wear with Clinton Kelly, and doing fashion reporting for Access Hollywood, The Early Show, and the Today Show. From 2009–2010, she was a celebrity spokesperson for Pantene, Woolite, Dr. Scholl's, and Riders by Lee. She co-owns Style for Hire and is the creative director of Westfield Style.

Right off the bat, we know she’s an empowered woman or rather an ‘evolutionary woman’ as she calls it. “To not feel any relationship to those women that I see as women in their 50s means that we're headed in a new direction. Age is becoming more and more irrelevant. It needs to be redefined and looked at for women specifically because we've internalized so much of a male gaze that we don't even realize that our thoughts about ourselves aren't our own thoughts.” She says as she describes her book ‘The Evolutionary Woman’. She hasn’t been married or doesn’t have any kids and says she doesn’t feel 49 at all! With a free-spirited mindset like hers, it’s no surprise that she loves the evolutionary elixir CBD.

“I had a really bad experience with surgery because I was on such an inhumane level of oxycontin. I was wearing a huge brace and terrified to leave the house.” She begins to describe why she turned to CBD. “I felt like I was floating over my body. I couldn't feel anything. I didn't really talk. Everybody thought I was fine because I was just like, “Mm-hmm.” I don't remember anybody I saw. I don't even remember who came to the hospital. I didn't ask for water or food. Everybody just assumed I had eaten or had something to drink. I was just like a vegetable.” She adds. In the quest to get off the harmful Oxytocin that doctors were pumping into her, she turned to CBD.

“The thing is, CBD does not take away pain completely, which is a godsend because you can't hurt yourself if you feel some pain when you try to do something. So it kept the edge off the pain but kept me alert enough not to fall down the stairs. I understand why, if you are having real emotional turmoil, you would want to feel nothing. Painkillers just deaden everything. But I hate them, so this was a revelation to me. The recuperation was so hard but I know it would’ve been much harder without it.” She elaborates.

What an inspiring story! Truly warms the heart to see someone benefit so greatly from CBD. It’s still women’s month, so if you want to get started on your journey or know someone who needs it, use our code WMN10 and get started right away!

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