Women of Cannabis: Melissa Etheridge believes in Cannabis

Cannabis has and continues to help innumerable people around the world and yet it remains in a legal grey area when it should be used in mainstream medicine. Many have been pushing for its legalization and these are the ones who truly understand its potent healing properties. One such celebrity who has benefitted greatly from marijuana is Melissa Etheridge. Melissa Etheridge is Grammy award-winning, platinum-selling singer-songwriter, LGBTQ activist and CBD advocate. Her love for Cannabis grew from 2004 onwards, when she was diagnosed with cancer.

She began to discover the world of CBD and continued using CBD products in all forms to manage gastrointestinal issues that have arisen since beating cancer. She has also launched her own Cannabis farm called Etheridge farms in order to spread awareness and help cannabis reach more people. “I realized 12 years ago when I went through breast cancer and used cannabis to relieve the collateral damage of the crazy chemo that I was on, that cannabis really needed to be taken seriously as a medicine as it was 70 years ago. It was on all of our pharmacy shelves 70 years ago. It's just a shame that Prohibition has kept it from people who could really use it as medicine.” She said in reference to what she thinks about Cannabis. She adds “before my cancer I was a very, very light cannabis user. Just socially. I never sought it out, I never bought it anywhere. I would smoke if somebody had it. Then when I went through cancer and used it as medicine that's when I said, "This is medicine. I understand this is medicine." I researched it as medicine. I looked up that cannabis has a long history. You find it in biblical times, you find it everywhere. It's been around forever.”

And she’s bang on! Cannabis has been around for centuries in India and has been mentioned as a medicine in multiple instances in the Vedas as well. Why have we forgotten about its benefits? Or does society just not want to remember? If you are someone who is inspired by Melissa’s story and want to start your journey with Cannabis, start now. Use code WMN10 till the end of June to receive 10% off on your purchase.

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