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Women of Cannabis: Shannon Dolley has a message of gold for budding entrepreneurs

The Colorado Marijuana industry is one of the biggest in the world. And Shannon Dolley, Consultant, Founder and CEO of Healthy Honeys

is a huge part of it. Her company is dedicated to educating women about the benefits of Cannabis. They have designated “Honeys” all over the world who are expanding the reach of CBD products, especially those that are made for women. They do so by hosting at-home Cannabis parties where the topic of discussion is CBD, Cannabis and Hemp.

She has also played a huge role in the expansion of the Cannabis industry. Donnelly’s other power comes in her consulting expertise. Thank Donnelly’s experience and expertise for a veritable mountain of cannabis licenses across the country that have launched lucrative businesses, from storefronts to laboratories, in their respective markets. She’s an educator, a regulated cannabis subject matter expert, and a cannabis feminist. 

When asked for any advice she may have for the ones who are on the path of Cannabis, she said “Hold yourself accountable for the way you speak to others, the plans you make, and, most importantly, the way you treat and respect yourself. Live true to your word, don’t gossip, be kind to yourself, these things will get you far in your professional and personal life.”

The emphasis on communication makes sense, especially when it comes to Cannabis. The message of Cannabis is always a holistic one when it comes to business. It encapsulates the type of person you are, and it reflects in the work you put out, the people you connect with and your overall message. Shannon’s advice is a big one and to anyone who is getting started on this road, this advice truly is gold.

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