Women of Cannabis: Whitney Port ups her inner glow with CBD

We all know that CBD provides several wellness benefits including its ability to help relieve pain and reduce anxiety. But did you know that it can also be used as a beauty aid? Research has shown that the compound is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that can protect hair and skin from damage that may occur from environmental elements, styling tools, and natural aging. In fact, CBD is so effective in boosting hair and skin health that many celebrities swear by it including it in their daily beauty routines. Here are some celebs who just can’t get enough of CBD infused beauty products.

One such celeb who loves using CBD in her beauty care routine is The Hills star Whitney Port. She is counts on CBD to enhance her beauty care routine. She rubs CBD infused skin cream all over her body to relax her and to release her skin’s inner glow. Apart from her beauty routine she also uses CBD to help with headaches. This is a huge emerging trend where celebs opt for CBD over painkillers because of the absence of side effects and it’s catching on.

“Find what you love and find a way to make that part of your every day. You have to find the confidence to take certain risks. You're going to hear a lot of no's before you get to the yes'. It's important to have that confidence to overcome that and know it's part of trying to grow something big.” Says Whitney Port. With a mindset like this it’s hard to go wrong!

If you agree and want to get on the path of CBD for beauty or headaches – start your journey today. And with the code WMN10 you can also get 10% off because it’s still women’s month here at CBD Store.

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