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Women of Cannabis: Zoe Wilder has a message for millions

Zoe Wilder is a PR specialist based in the US and is dedicated to bringing awareness to the benefits of CBD through her network of followers and friends. She’s well-known and loved woman in PR who is known for her innovative style. Wilder has dedicated a large part of her career to pave the way for all cannabis advocates, artists, and marketers with her innovative style. Across her 18-yr career, Wilder has worked with hundreds of clients across industries that include cannabis, psychedelics, tech, wellness, music, art, wine, and spirits. Her work has propelled the careers of massive cannabis brands, all-the-while maintaining a voice that champions small businesses and philanthropists in the space. Her presence in and contribution to the Cannabis industry in California has made a huge impact there as well as created ripples across the world.  

Women of Cannabis: Zoe Wilder

When asked for advice for budding Cannabis entrepreneurs she said, “have a deep understanding of why this industry exists and know that it’s being built atop of many who took incredible risks and have experienced profound suffering navigating the unregulated market, and this continues today, even in the regulated marketplace. Know that there are many still imprisoned and they need your help to become free. There are many suffering that may benefit from your unique goods and services, especially when applied thoughtfully, with care and compassion. Educate yourself first and foremost, then assist and educate others, so, together, we build true sustainable and systemic change.”

Her PR company continues to grow in popularity and divert much-needed attention to the growth of the Cannabis industry. She is an inspiring voice, one that has been used to benefit society as a whole. Her voice continues to inspire many women and Cannabis enthusiasts and we couldn’t be more inspired by her and happy that people like her contribute their time and resources to opening up the minds of the public to Cannabis.

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