Hemp Homeware

Add an earthy touch to your home with Hemp homeware that looks classy yet so warm & welcoming. It's one way of showing you stand for sustainability, the Cannabis movement, and your support for Cannabis culture.

This exclusive Curated Collection, of Hemp Homeware, curate by CBD Store India’s Staff Favourites will add a touch or organic elegance to your home décor. Curated with Ultra-Premium brands such as Cannarma, Hemplanet & more! It contains products like Lampshades, Hemp Towels & more! 

The best part is that Hemp wood, is extremely sustainable & durable! Which means that these Home Décor products will last years to come! They even prevent mites & bacteria making it the perfect hygienic addition to your Home Décor. Most of these products are made Artisanally and are handmade! Which adds another organic touch to these beautiful products. Add the light of sustainability to your life with these lamps as, these eco-friendly lamps will even help you save the environment. They’ll be a perfect addition to your living room, study room, the perfect night lamp in your kids bedroom & even be the perfect reading & working light by your bedside or in your office! We’re constantly going to be adding more products, until that purchase below & get ordering! 

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