Dr. Prakash S. Patil, (M.B.B.S.M.Ch. (Ortho&Trauma) U.K. F.A.O.(Trauma) Austria.)

Dr.Prakash S. Patil ( M.B.B.S.M.Ch. (Ortho&Trauma) U.K. F.A.O.(Trauma) Austria. )

Dr. Pakash has worked in the UK for 15 years and focuses his expertise on Orthopedics in a more non-invasive and holistic manner.

He specializes in Joint Replacement Surgery and Arthroscopic surgery for the Knee Disorders.
His special interests lie in treating degenerative diseases of joints, arthritis, sports injuries and pain management in a holistic and non-invasive manner. So if you want to address any of these issues in an effective manner that is comfortable for you, Dr. Prakash can help you with that.
He has also been running a Clinic and Hospital in India since 2010.

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