Q: I see many products, which one is right for me?

A: It depends on why you need it, if you need it for insomnia, you can try our melatonin CBD sleep syrup, if you need it for sore joints you can try our CBD rollons, feel free to ask us


Q: I heard you get a free customized diet and workout, what is this story all about?

A: Yes you do, we have a fitness pro in our staff, we also offer free CBD to athletes to help us give our customers a customized diet based on their schedule, age, lifestyle, budget and fitness goals and workout based on current fitness levels. We really really want to see improvements in your life as a result of crossing paths with us. So with every purchase you will get an option for a free customized diet and workout


Q: What is the THC content in your products?

A: 0.3% or less, all our CBD suppliers have confirmed the same via lab reports


Q: Does CBD cure cancer?

A: CBD is not intended to cure any ailments or replace medical procedure, it is meant to compliment the treatment a patient is already undergoing with the intent of provide pain relief and making symptoms easier to manage


Q: Do you manufacture your products?

No, we distribute products made by our suppliers in colorado, switzerland and India


Q: What is the right dosage for me?

It depends on several things like weight, tolerance and the condition it is required for Generally we believe it is best to start with minimum dosage (300mg) and gradually increase the potency as per the requirements


Q: Do you offer discounts?

Yes Follow us on facebook and instagram to know about ongoing discounts


Q: How much time will it take for me to recieve my order?

A: Our products come from india, switzerland and colorado. If you purchase a product which mentions made in india in its description you will recieve it in 4 days


Q: Do you require a prescription?

A: No but we do require medical reports for some products